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Why Detox a big must this monsoon?

Monsoon Detox

It is that time of the year when all that gets accumulated during summer needs to be flushed out.  When Nature chooses her way to cleanse the earth, humans have the benefit of Ayurveda treatment to detox! Let us see why and how!

The constant showers, pleasant weather and a rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatment – there’s nothing more that can describe a perfect monsoon season. Monsoon season generally starts off from June with the drastic environmental change from the scorching summer heat to heavy downpours which would have a profound impact on the strength of our body, also could throw off the balance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas (the 3 bodily humours), hinting that our bodies require extra caution and care to maintain health. According to Ayurveda, this time is characterized with doshic imbalances and low immunity. And henceforth Ayurvedic treatments and therapies recommended for the monsoon are combined with dietary routines and lifestyle modifications to ward off the imbalances in the body as well as to boost the immunity.

Undergoing Ayurveda treatments during the monsoon is highly preferred as the body becomes more receptive of the treatments and medications due to the moist climate’s influence on the body which opens up the pores in the skin.

The aggravation of bodily humours is the sole cause of sluggish metabolism and results in digestive disorders during the rains. The aggravated vata also triggers diseases like arthritis, spondylitis, spondylosis, neurological pains and other degenerative changes. Lethargy creeps in too along with these. Skin infections (eczema, rashes and boils), indigestion, hyperacidity and hair loss also takes up the rack.

Due to the weak immunity, monsoon calls for proper care to prevent diseases. Here are some lifestyle tips to follow during the monsoon.

Dietary Regimens for monsoon

  • Prefer foods which are easily digestible, hot & light.
  • Consume foods having sour, sweet and salty tastes.
  • Include ginger, garlic, black pepper, asafoetida and lemon in diet for better digestion.
  • Eat cooked vegetables than eating raw salads.
  • Have legumes like moongdal, chickpea, corn, gram flour and vegetables like bottle gourd, snake gourd, okra, etc.
  • Karkidaka kanji or medicated porridge is advised to be taken.

Lifestyle advices for monsoon 

  • Panchakarma treatments are highly recommended to boost immunity and to prevent the onset of illness.
  • Keep the body warm with adequate clothing.
  • Do not walk barefoot.
  • Bath with warm water.
  • Foot care is important during the rains
  • Practice regular body massage with oil.
  • Do not sleep during daytime to prevent indigestion.
  • Change to dry clothes immediately after getting wet in the rain.
  • Avoid over exertion in any form
  • Restrict over exposure to the afternoon sun in the monsoon.

Ayurvedic treatments to be practised during monsoon

  • Abhyanga – Ayurvedic full body oil massage is one of the most preferred therapy during the rains to strengthen the body and to boost immunity. It helps get rid of aches and pains in the joints which is common in the monsoon. Abhyanga followed by swedanaor sudation help detoxify the body effectively.
  • Swedana– As the monsoon opens up the pores in the skin, the process of inducing steam is beneficial to eliminate toxins and rejuvenate the body. Massage with warm medicated boluses or dry heat treatments are ideal fomentation therapies.
  • Basti – The medicated enema process help detoxify the body and treats the seat of Vata dosha, the colon which aids in pacifying the dosha.

Our Ayurveda treatments helps to eliminate toxins from the body and enhance the power of five senses and get back the vitality both at physical and mental level. The set of five therapeutic treatments customized to patients for an inner healing is preferred then.

So, don’t shut yourself indoors, as the rain lashes down the window panes. Step outside let the earthy freshness of monsoon seep through as you learn to rejuvenate and recuperate naturally.

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