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Diabetes Wellness Program

Diabetic Care Package at Shathayu Retreat is with personal consultations, monitoring, ancient detox methods , relaxing therapies, yoga and much more. Diabetic care programme is exclusively designed for the people who are on the diabetic or pre-diabetic stages to adapt to healthy lifestyle choices and to reduce the instances of complications. Shathayu Retreat focuses on to see dramatic improvements in the health and energy for guests with type 2 diabetes, notes Dr.Krishna J ,MD Medical Director at Shathayu Retreat. 

The aim of this program is to make the people with diabetes or those in the pre-diabetic stage, eliminate or reduce the need for medication, understand healthy ways of food intake and lifestyle, weight and stress management and to reduce diabetic complications .

This package also include daily DIABETIC AWARENESS SESSIONS on food habits, diet plan, Diabetic complications (like neuropathy, retinopathy,nephropathy), Foot care , exclusive Yoga sessions which help for diabetes. Body constitution analysis will be conducted that will help you in adapting to the individual lifestyle and prepare you to maintain, and  improve the health sustainably even after you have returned home.

  • Lectures on diabetic complication and its management  with our diabetes specialist. 
  • Workshop on Eye care in diabetes specially with ancient healing therapies 
  • Classes on Understanding and Managing Low blood  sugar and high blood sugar 
  • There’s a lot of mis-information about what diabetics can and cannot eat. Learn the art of intelligent eating.
  • Cooking workshop exclusive for diabetics. Our chefs are experts at creating fantastic food in 30 minutes or less which are healthy.
  • Exercise  session and guidance on yoga and breathing techniques.This coaching session with doctor workouts for long-term diabetes control.
  • Diabetes Panel: A group discussion led by our team of diabetes specialists. You’ll return home with a whole new set of tools for living well.
  • Blood sugar monitoring-daily. 
  • Diabetic symptoms specific to Men / Women and its management


Elderly health care program at Shathayu retreat provide specialists and experts  for treating elderly with complex medical conditions who can understand their pulse and treat them with utmost care .

To understand their needs and condition better we need to know 

  • multiple health problem they are undergoing 
  • physical Activity , balance to walk , lifestyle 
  • Nutritional concern and food habits
  • Details of multiple medications
  • memory loss or confusion 
  • sleep pattern 
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