Ayurveda Insomnia Treatment: Holistic Solutions for Better Sleep

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Introduction: Insomnia is a common sleep condition affecting millions of individuals globally. It is identified by difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. Insomnia leads to many issues, such as fatigue, daytime weariness, and difficulty focusing, and it can lead to other health concerns. Ayurveda insomnia treatment includes Panchakarma, Shirodhara, Thakradhara, lifestyle adjustments, and internal drugs….


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Year 2020 was ended and we look back to scrutinize all the events that made this year the way it is. Let’s begin 2021 with Health, happiness, accomplishment and self-growth through Wellness Sutra. When you look closer, you understand that whatever the events were, there was something constant in all of them and that is...

5 Best Ayurveda Treatments for Any Age

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Ayurveda Treatments help in preserving and promoting perfect health. Ayurveda advises regular applications of oils, powders, and massages on a day-to-day basis for preventing diseases. This 5000-year-old science of life has greater solutions to prevent modern-day ailments. Ayurveda Treatment helps to relax; rejuvenate the body and mind; and improves digestion, metabolism, and circulation. Ayurveda in...

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