Weight Management in Ayurveda

Weight Management in Ayurveda

Weight management in Ayurveda

Shathayu offers healthy Ayurveda weight loss retreat, with relaxing holiday to detox mind and body and lose weight at the same time. A best weight loss program which is naturally done, safe and at the same time gives a sustainable weight loss.

Weight Management in Ayurveda at Shathayu is reliable and result oriented program done by adopting authentic Ayurvedic treatment modalities to comprehend every aspect of slimming like weight loss, inch loss, toning and also the weight maintenance.

we have various Ayurvedic weight loss programs to suit individual requirements. Obesity treatments include detoxification, herbal fat burning massages, steam bath, basti, sweda etc which are clubbed to give suitable packages. No weight loss program is complete without diet and exercise, but not those effortful crash diets and back breaker exercises. Our doctors will advise on proper diet and simple exercises that can be easily adopted and followed through out.

10 Days | 14 Days | 21 Days weight loss retreat

This weight loss retreat is a blend of Ayurveda, yoga and naturopathy therapies, diet and lifestyle changes. Let’s understand the process of Weight management in Ayurveda at Shathayu

Step 1:  Our doctors conduct in-depth consultations for obesity and overweight with assessment of BMI, metabolism, hereditary factors, age, stress and other lifestyle indications.

Step 2: We customize your weight loss treatments if the underlying cause is hypothyroidism, PCOD, diabetes, hormonal imbalances. Cleanse your body with Ayurveda Detox Panchakarma

Step 3: Well-planned treatments focusing on losing weight like detoxification, Paste and powder massages, steam, Basti etc

Step 4: Reduce with Naturopathy therapies and yoga asana, Breathing exercises.

“Eat healthy balance vegetarian meals and Change your lifestyle for long term weight loss benefits.”


The Effectiveness of the treatments also depend on individual’s age, health condition and associated medical conditions like PCOD, metabolic disorders etc.

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