Culinary classes

Watch what you eat today, so you can keep away diseases tomorrow! Our Guests not only enjoy eating Healthy food, which is Tasty, but also learn healthy dishes from our Chef.

Health talks

You can attend from a variety of holistic health topics from our Experts while you Rejuvenate and Heal yourself during your stay at Shathayu Retreat

Village walks 

The retreat is amazingly built in the surroundings of 7 hillock have lake in Avati village. Guest love guided village walk to explore wild peacocks and mongoose, farming lands with grapes, vegetables, millets etc many crops.

Temple Visit 

Guest enjoy visits to Thimmaraya swamy (Balaji) temple with the history about the existence being 500 years old and Gautama maharishi meditated in the cave formation between large boulders situated below the temple.



Whether you shoot with a Canon or iPhone, this place is ideal to fulfil your desire for  nature photography with  beautiful nature with amazing sunrise , birds , peacocks , hillocks , Sunset, lake and many more

Plant Trees

We love when our guests plant a sapling and name it, as we see the joyous moments of them through ceremonial planting and adding value to nature.

Hiking & Outdoor activity


Immerse yourself in nature, get a good workout in, and recharge your batteries with our guided hiking which is safe and fun. Other outdoor recreational activity such as cycling, running, lake walk are designed to help in improving physical strength and stamina, and reduce stress .

Sankalpa Chant & Satsang

Sankalpa or a Resolution is made before any sadhana or beginning of any yogic practice, before meditation, or even at the start of our day. The idea of repeating a sankalpa is to create the life we are meant to embrace and enjoy.

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