Best Ayurveda Treatments
February 22, 20200

5 Best Ayurveda Treatments for Any Age

5 Best Ayurveda treatments

Ayurveda Treatments help in preserving and promoting perfect health. Ayurveda advises regular applications of oils, powders, and massages on a day-to-day basis for preventing diseases. This 5000-year-old science of life has greater solutions to prevent modern-day ailments. Ayurveda Treatment helps to relax; rejuvenate the body and mind; and improves digestion, metabolism, and circulation.

Ayurveda in India is very popular in Kerala as Kerala Ayurveda, where people from all age group use Ayurveda therapies and Ayurveda medicines regularly.

Ayurveda has many treatments for health benefits and these are the 5 safe and Best Ayurveda Treatments for any age from children to aged. 


ABHYANGA AND SWEDANA( Massage and steam) 

Abhyanga Treatment

A traditional Ayurveda body massage can be done from small child to aged. Seasonal, ailment-specific medicated oils or basic til/ sesame oil can be used as per requirement.  Abhyanga improves circulation, pacifies toxins, nourishes the skin and tones up the muscles; thereby aiding relaxation and strengthening the body. This can be followed with Steam to enhance the benefits. Ayurveda head-to-toe massage can revitalize and relax the body and mind making one feel light, fresh and recharged. 


Shirodhara Ayurveda Treatment

Continuous pouring of decoction or oil on the forehead and then allowing it to flow over the scalp. This therapy is deeply relaxing and de-stressing and is effective in anxiety disorders, insomnia (sleeplessness) and other psychological conditions.  It is equally effective in many neurological conditions, headache, hypertension and many more. It is an effective treatment for hair fall and premature greying of hairs seen in teenagers.


Kayaseka Ayurveda Treatment

Procedure of pouring warm medicated oil in a continuous stream over the body; helpful in Vascular, Neurological and Musculoskeletal disorders. This therapy is done after traditional massage. It is a reformative wellness program for the long-lasting well-being of an individual.  It revitalizes the organs, re-energizes the mind and rejuvenates the sense organs.


Navaralepa Ayurveda Treatment

A unique combination of Navara rice, processed by decoction of herbs and milk made into poultice and used for fomentation.  This therapy is done after a traditional massage. It strengthens muscles, rejuvenates the tissues and also helps in developmental disorders of children, muscle weakness, geriatric disorder, stroke, paralysis, Alzheimer’s & degenerative conditions.


One of the Ayurveda Panchakarma therapy with Preventive, Curative, Anti-aging and with the healing properties.  It can be done from children to aged safely in treating many diseases and for strengthening the immune system.It avoids geriatric diseases, beneficial for the age-related degenerative joint disease, Lumbar spondylosis, Arthritis, etc.

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