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8 Morning rituals for healthy life

Ayurveda has suggested daily regimen which is for the betterment of health and wellbeing.

This morning rituals are essential for a better productive day 

1. Getting up before sunrise-getting up in Brahma muhurta before sunrise is the best time to maintain health as well as give yourself sufficient time for mindfulness. Brahma muhurtham is pure, calm and soothing to mind , unpolluted and best time for meditation and prayers.

2. Brushing and scraping of the tongue-it is important to scrape the tongue after brushing as this can remove plaques or coat deposited at the root of the tongue. It removes bad smell from mouth and produces desirable relish  for food.Use paste with Ayurveda herbs over chemicals.

3. Gargling with medicated decoctions –  gargle using warm water with salt or turmeric or medicated herbs for a healthy mouth teeth gums and lips. In case of dryness of the lips one can use coconut oil for gargling, it also strengthens the jaws . 

4. Nasya -care for the nose with nasal drops.Practicing nose wash with jalaneti or administering ghee or Anu taila two drops to each nostrils is extremely beneficial for improving sense organs. This helps to lubricate the nose clears the sinuses improves the voice. This practice is extremely beneficial for those who are suffering from repeated cold sinusitis  headache and allergy. Regular practice of Nasya  prevents premature greying of hair

5. Abhyanga – body massage with sesame oil or coconut oil is beneficial to the skin and makes the body strong ,prevent sign of aging and improve blood circulation. If one cannot do massage daily then applying oil to head, palms and feet for 10 minutes as a part of self massage morning routine.

6. Exercise- exercise should be practice regularly as it brings about lightness to the body improves digestion and strength exercise can be as simple as walking yoga are going to gym swimming anything that makes you feel good and gives you stregth

7. Bathing – Ayurveda and naturopathy sea bathing as a therapeutic activity.having the bath after the morning rituals specially exercise removes your sweat dirt and environmental toxins from the enhances physical energy level and improve mental clarity it also improves the digestion. Here again use natural products over a chemicals to protect your skin to protect.

8. Dress code- it is extremely important to wear clothes that are appropriate for the season and also use cloth as natural as possible and skin friendly . Using perfumes or garlands are advised which promotes appearence as well as pleasantness . 

A daily routine practice which is necessary for a perfect balance of mind body and sense organs . Regular practice generate self esteem discipline peace happiness and longevity




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