Yoga in urban world
January 25, 20180

Importance of Yoga in urban world

Yoga, as we already know has a long list of benefits which the modern world has now started to recognize. But don’t get sold out by just looking at your perfectly shaped colleague or neighbor who walks the talk with her slim body and the confident body language. While it may be a good motivation to start, before you do, let us tell you of the very basic benefits of introducing Yoga into your life:

Top to Toe toning:

If you’ve ever expressed curiosity to voyeur a Yoga session even if you haven’t participated in one, you must have noticed how the majority of asanas (poses) require the movement of your entire body all at once. You’re literally using your head, torso and legs to maintain the posture.

It’s a work-in not a work-out:

Even though the western world is indulging in asana practice as a mean to acquire that perfect body, we would like to tell you that it’s not only the exterior that’s benefiting for Yoga. As you twist, fold, stretch and hold, what you’re really working on is your internal organs as compared to the muscles visible.

Increases strength and endurance:

Since you’re using your own physical body to go deeper into any posture, you realize that your own weight is a lot more than what you can handle, continue practicing and you’ll realize that you’ve slowly gained the strength to handle your weight perfectly.

Increases flexibility:

By practicing Yoga every day you’ll be able to strengthen your weak muscles and lengthen your strong muscles. Keep practicing and you’ll realize how you’re able to move and flex your body in ways you thought were impossible.

Increases blood flow:

In our everyday lives, we end up congesting our body as we attempt to pay our bills with our work. For instance, sitting in front of the computer requires you to only move a very specific set of muscles which usually are your fingers, resulting in stiffness in the rest of your body due to poor or no blood circulation. By practicing Yoga, you work up every part of your body resulting in better circulation of blood throughout.

Improves posture:

You’ve read it in numerous articles throughout your lifetime about how having a better posture results in a higher social score amongst your everyday interactions. Believe it or not, your posture creates an impression in the other person’s mind. Practicing Yoga everyday not only improves your physical posture, but it leaves a confident and long lasting impression in the other person’s mind.

Increases concentration:

One of the most key element of practicing Yoga is to focus on the present. Scientific research has found that regular Yoga practice improves memory, IQ scores, reaction time and concentration.

Improves breathing:

A very vital portion of practicing Yoga is targeted breathing. Breathing while asana practice not only improves muscle memory, it also creates a subconscious pattern of improved breathing on and off the mat. And in the end, our breaths are all we have to hold on to.

Connects our mind with our body:

In our everyday lives, we indulge in hard work which tires our mind a lot more than our physical body, often resulting in stress, depression and other physical and mental ailments. With regular Yoga practice, we can bridge this gap between our mind and body and relieve our senses, resulting in productivity inside and outside our workplace.

This is merely the tip of the iceberg. There are uncountable benefits of Yoga and we are not just claiming it, we have an army of scientists ready with their research to back our claims. But more than that, let us remind you that “Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is what you learn on your way down.”

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