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Obesity Treatment In Naturopathy

Ms.Shalini, who was overweight since her adolescent years, gradually started putting on more weight with wrong eating habits, no physical activity and to an extent that she became so obese that it started affecting her health in many aspects. She started having irregular periods, developed joint pain and found difficulties to climb stairs.

After trying many crash diets, weight loss machines, and vibrators, and still finding no results, she decided to lose weight in Shathayu Ayurveda Yoga Retreat in a holistic way.

After a thorough clinical assessment of her health conditions, lifestyle analysis and supporting laboratory parameters from the Retreat, Doctors advised her 14 days weight loss treatment. Accordingly, Yoga, Naturopathy and Ayurveda therapy along with satwik diet as per body constitution were scheduled in a holistic way.

Science-based fitness programs with Yoga, Cardio exercises and specific asana, breathing exercise and meditation were planned regularly.

  • Walking amidst the nature, cycling and trekking was part of the physical workout.
  • Diet included lot of fruits and vegetables, high fiber and low-calorie satwik food. Different types of Juices and salads, whole cereals, and proteins to increase fiber and bulk were planned.
  • Weight reduction Therapeutic Massages to improve circulation, reduce weight, and improve flexibility were also planned
  • Poultice massage with medicated powder for toning of the skin.
  • Steam and Sauna to increase the body’s basal metabolic rate and help to lose weight.
  • Warm water enemas for cleansing colon and alternative periods of fasting are also beneficial.
  • Water immerse bath with Epsom salt, cold hip bath, and mud bath packs as per needs.

NATUROPATHY considers OBESITY to be less about diet and fasting and more about correcting underlying imbalances using nature’s elements for long-term benefits. By the end of two weeks, the underlying issues of irregular menstruation and joint pain were taken care and she became an active person.

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4 years ago

very informative and great post about obesity. my cousin was also facing obesity but she was not having an effect so she went through various medications but that didn’t relieve someone suggested of ayurvedic treatment of Jain’s cow urine therapy. after following this therapy she is now much better than before.

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