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April 8, 20210

Weight Loss: This summer “LOSE WEIGHT AND BE LIGHT.”

Weight Loss This summer “LOSE WEIGHT AND BE LIGHT.”

Some of you might be planning to lose weight and shape up your body from a long time and waiting for the right time to start. Cheer up, summer is here to your advantage of an easy and quicker weight loss. Research shows that “according to studies out of the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the University of Georgia, our average caloric intake decreases about 200 calories per day in the summer compared to fall and winter.”

While dealing with various seasonal regimens, Ayurveda strongly recommends taking all possible steps to improve the digestion and check the body heat during summer season. On the other hand if you plan proper ayurveda therapies you are not only improving your health but losing good amount of unwanted fat this summer

For all those people who want to utilize this summer season to shed those extra kilos  and for those who want to shape up for the summer vacations, be glad to know how summer season itself is in your favor.

  1. Summer is a season when your digestion is weak compared to winter, food cravings go down and liquid intake increases. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, green salads appeal you more. So naturally your calorie intake drops and body gets loads of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber from those fresh foods. So it’s the ideal time to increase your intake of zero calorie foods like cucumber , watermelon, muskmelon, pineapple , gourds and other seasonal vegetables. Fill you plate with 50% raw food and see the difference in your weight and health
  2. Intake of liquids, especially water, buttermilk, Aam pana, fresh juices are easy and comfortable in summer. So rather than eating repeatedly drink these smoothies or juices between your meals. Cutting down on caffeine, soda, and cola and replace with green smoothies.
  3. Summer is a season of bright sunny days long enough to give you that extra time to spend outdoors and work out your body. Exercising during summer you sweat a lot and sweating is a form of throwing out the metabolized fat from the body. It’s ideal to start yoga, stretching, and some swimming session in this heat.
  4. Now all you need is to choose a good weight loss program. Ayurveda suggests fat loss therapies udvartana massage, Dhnyamla-dhara, varieties of medicated steam, and sauna to lose weight. These therapies not only improve circulation but also reduce weight and massages help to tone muscles

At Shathayu Ayurveda, our weight loss program starts with the much-needed detoxification done through traditional panchakarma procedures which not only cleanse your body but also improve digestion and metabolism. It helps to reduce body heat by removing the unwanted pitta from the body.

Later the program continues with udvarthana or fat-burning massages to improve blood circulation and reduce fat thereby prompting an effective fat metabolism. And when you are in the program you are under regular follow-ups with shathayu doctors who help you and motivate you throughout to achieve your targets.

So just don’t wait or have a second thoughts to be a better you by this summer. Lose weight and be light.

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