Obesity Management
July 14, 20200

Wondering How Obesity is linked to Infertility??

Obesity Management

Here are Few Facts

  • It is commonly known that being overweight directly affects the fertility rate in women, but now it has been proven that it also affects male fertility.
  • Men with increased BMI were significantly more likely to be infertile than normal-weighing men. 20-pound increase in men’s weight will increase the chance of infertility by about 10 percent.
  • Being overweight in females can affect their ability to conceive. It is a known risk factor for menstrual dysfunction and anovulation.
  • Obesity also contributes to infertility in women who ovulate normally.
  • It could also lead to complication during pregnancy like risk of hypertension, gestational diabetes, Cesarean section.
  • 30 % to 47% of obese women are said to have irregular menstrual cycles.
  • Irregular menstrual cycle is directly proportion to increase in weight.
  • Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that weight reduction often leads to resumption of normal menses and increased pregnancy rates.

Obesity is often associated with increased insulin production and insulin resistance, which contributes to hyperandrogenism (increase in male hormones) because insulin is important for the regulation of sex hormone production.

This can be seen in obese women with PCOS, where excess weight gain leads to excessive insulin production, promoting increased androgen secretion and abnormal follicles in the ovary. This results in an overall disruption in ovarian and menstrual activity, causing fertility problems.

Ayurveda, a remedy to treat obesity related Infertility

  • First line treatment for obesity-related infertility is weight loss and lifestyle modification.
  • Weight loss can dramatically improve fertility in obese people. It is often the first step in fertility treatment for an obese patient.
  • Even a loss of 5-10% can significantly improve ovulation and pregnancy rates.
  • Weight loss improves fertility in obese people both physiologically and psychologically.
  • Psychological state and mood has been found to increase significantly after weight loss, and a reduction in insulin and androgen levels has been found in women which may lead to an 80% improvement in menstrual function and improved pregnancy rates of 29%.

We at Shathayu Ayurveda  focus on natural treatments for  male & female infertility treatment. For those suffering with infertility with obesity, classical detoxification, powder and paste massages along with internal medication & diet counseling can definitely help couples who are depressed of obesity related infertility.


Article By

Dr. Anitha Bhat

Senior Ayurveda Physician

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