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The Shathayu Retreat Wellness Committee, comprised of leaders From the field of holistic health through Ayurveda , Yoga and Nature cure. The Wellness Committee provides guidance on a wide range of our programs and services and ensures we give the best and utmost results. We seek to work with the brightest minds from the clinical and non-clinical worlds.


Dr Jay is a successful entrepreneur and visionary  has reached new heights in the field of Ayurveda. Popularly known as Dr Jay is a Health coach,Ayurveda physician with 20 plus years of clinical experience and bestselling author of ‘’Ancient Secrets Of Healthy Living’’. He started guiding and training doctors with Core panchakarma training. He has Published various articles in national newspapers and given numerous TV programs on health and wellness. He was the Guest speaker at the International Healthcare Tourism Congress ( IHTC- 2018). And Radio talk show in Houston, USA about Ayurveda  for lifestyle diseases. He also Presented many research papers, like on ‘Efficacy of Ayurveda Medicines in Diabetes Mellitus.

Dr. Anitha is a qualified Ayurvedic doctor with 18 years of expertise’s in Ayurveda gynaecology. Through her excellent leadership skills she runs a chain of Ayurveda clinics under the brand Shathayu Ayurveda and awarded as an ‘OUTSTANDING WOMEN ENTREPRENEUR- 2015’ from FKCCI. She is head of Shathayu Foundation which is a non-profit organization with R&D of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy. It offers authentic traditional Ayurveda therapy training specially for women from rural background to build their careers.She has Published various articles and has been a key note speaker on health programmes on many television channel.Dr.Anitha has conducted many workshops and Panchakarma training courses for Ayurveda graduates. Recently launched – Natural organic range of cosmetic  “Skin and Hair care products”running successfully in the market.

Dr. Ravisha Murthy, Expert Doctor

Dr Ravisha is an Ayurveda Physician from Bangalore India, over the past decade he has practices Ayurveda Panchakarma for current day medical conditions like Stroke/Paralysis, Neurological Conditions, Cardiovascular Conditions, Diabetes, Hypertension, PCOD and many more conditions with success.

Experienced in most of areas of Ayurveda sector(from charity hospital to chain of premium clinics, from pharma industry to elite Ayurveda Spa Resorts)

Worked for premium Ayurveda & Wellness brands such as Best Western Premier Vedic Village Spa Resorts – Calcutta, The White Lotus – Delhi, Shree Dhoothapapeshwar Limited


Dr.Suresh is Member-APA -Ayurvedic Practitioners Association–London–U.K and Founder & Director-European Ayurveda Academy. He has imparted academics at IIAM and research from 1998 to 2000.Worked with Maharishi international foundation at NETHERLANDS for 3 years from 2000 continuously in various Ayurvedic clinics in Countries like Holland, Germany, France, Turkey,Ukraine, Croatia, Estonia, Lebanan, Russia,Ireland,Serbia.Recipient of INTERNATIONAL ATREYA AWARD for Excellence in Ayurveda Practice at BOSTON-U.S.A- 2011. Best presentation for clinical Ayurveda in LOS ANGELES –U.S.A – 2012. CHARAK INTERNATIONAL AWARD for teaching ayurveda– LAS VEGAS – U.S.A-2013.

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