Living Pain-Free Life With Osteoarthritis

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  Living Pain-Free Life With Osteoarthritis Priya’s situation is similar to that of many people who suffer from knee osteoarthritis. She had been an active, healthy, professional lady for the majority of her life until she began to have knee joint pain in her fifties. The pain was first manageable with home remedies and pain…

5 Holistic Weight Loss ways to achieve your New year Resolution

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As the New year begins, it’s time to reflect on resolutions and how to turn your #Weightlossgoals into positive lifestyle changes. Whether you’re in a successful routine or struggling to see desired results, Shathayu Ayurveda is on your side for more holistic, reliable, and natural weight loss solutions. Losing weight has become the buzzword today;…

Weight Loss: This summer “LOSE WEIGHT AND BE LIGHT.”

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This summer “LOSE WEIGHT AND BE LIGHT.” Some of you might be planning to lose weight and shape up your body from a long time and waiting for the right time to start. Cheer up, summer is here to your advantage of an easy and quicker weight loss. Research shows that “according to studies out…

Say Bye Bye to belly fat and 2019!

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Having belly fat simply ruins the beauty of your entire personality, and one starts looking more aged. So if you want to look good, and be healthy reducing fat around your tummy should be the utmost priority. The fat released from the omentum (which is fatty layer of tissue located inside the belly) rapidly and...

11 Reasons Behind Rapid Weight Gain

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11 Leading Reasons Behind Rapid Weight Gain Losing weight is usually difficult for many reasons. There are various reasons for an individual to gain weight. So finding out the actual reason will help you to find a proper plan to lose weight.   Calorie intake Weight of the body is a balancing act. If you...

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