Plant your tree

We love when our guests plant trees and name it, as we see the joyous moments of them through ceremonial planting and adding value to nature.

Culinary experience


Local art & photography



Science based fitness programs from yoga to diverse exercise which focus on results. Exercises are more than just workouts to lose weight. Proper fitness programs bring back vigor and alertness to body and mind.


This healing system resolves around five basic elements of nature that is air, water, fire, earth and space. In this there is no involvement of medicines.


Different variety of meditation techniques are used to calm and relax your mind. Meditation gives you piece, clarity & positivity towards life.

Outdoor adventure & challenge


Ayurveda and Spa therapies

Relaxing and rejuvenating therapies have more than just rehydrating skin. These therapies are designed to make you healthier, younger and energetic. Therapeutic spa treatment heal your body, mind and improve your immune system.

Music therapy

Music being the universal language of mankind one can truly heal with music with relaxing either on deck chair or sitting in a sacred place or enjoy music in nature.

Spiritual Insights


Ayurveda basic classes

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