Diet is an integral part of Ayurveda and holistic healthcare. Satvik Food at Shathayu Retreat is carefully crafted keeping in mind the palate of our guests as well as their impact on health.

Satvik Food

Food in India has been influenced by various cultures along the length and breadth of this vast sub-continent. Every region of India has its own flavor and specialty. The local cuisine of every region has evolved with a strong adherence to principles of health. The ingredients used and the methodology of preparation of Satvik Food is basically aimed at enhancing taste as well as keeping the doshas in balance. Also, the food that is prepared seasonally varies according to the availability of the ingredients and their effect on health.

At Shathayu Retreat our team makes sure that your experience with healthy Satvik Food is not dull, but tasty and inspiring. Our Executive Health Chef will merge ancient Ayurveda food techniques with a modern palate for a healthy, tasty, and vegan treat.

We try to bring variety to your food by offering a variety of Indian and continental cuisines that are not only tasty but also help in maintaining health.

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