7 Ayurvedic Ways to manage Parkinson's Disease
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7 Ayurvedic Ways To Manage Parkinson’s Disease

Any movement that we make relies on the controlling system of the human body- the Brain- be it writing, reading, walking, or talking. But a serious brain disorder like Parkinson’s disease can rob a person of the ability to do everyday tasks that many of us take for granted. There’s no cure, but Ayurvedic treatments for Parkinson’s Disease can help to arrest the degeneration of brain cells enhancing fine and gross motor movements.

Parkinson’s disease sets in gradually over time. The early signs may be barely noticeable. A person’s movements may change slightly. You might notice slowness, rigidity, or difficulty in balancing or walking. Also, their face may lack expression, or their handwriting may become small and cramped. There is profound postural instability, rigidity, and gait abnormalities occurring later, making their daily life tough and dependent. It might become harder to sleep, think, eat, speak, smell, and make decisions. As the disease worsens, symptoms may become difficult to control.

Parkinson’s disease usually arises after age 50, but can also appear earlier in life. Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder, which means that brain cells gradually malfunction and die. The disease damages brain cells that make a chemical called dopamine. The resulting dopamine shortage causes movement problems that mark Parkinson’s disease.

Shathayu Medical Management for Parkinson’s Disease

1. Shodhana Chikitsa:  Bio-cleansing therapies followed by Palliative therapy should be advocated. (Depends on the strength of the patient and prognosis of the disease)

2. Based on the conditions of the patient, massage/Kayaseka  with medicated oils like Maha Narayana taila, Kshirabala Taila, Sahacharadi taila, Dhanvantara taila, Mahamasha taila for 3-7 days

PANCHAKARMA – (based on the condition)

  • Matra Basti -daily for 8- 14 days

  • Yapana basti for 8/16/30 days

  • Nasya karma for 7 days

3. Shirodhara/Shiro Basti with medicated oils daily for 7/14/21 days

4. Shiro Pichu for 7/14/21 days

5.  Herbal medicines which exclusively work on tremors, use of herbal nerve tonics to relieve rigidity and nourish the nervous system.

6. Dietary advice to improve digestion as it directly contributes to the efficacy of the medicines and treatments given.

7.  Practice yoga or meditation to focus on overcoming symptoms, managing internal energies, and for relaxation and reducing stress or anxiety.

All the Panchakarma procedures (Detoxification Process) will be customized by Physician only after detailed consultation. Treatments may be altered as per the individual strength.

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