New year is the time when everyone makes health resolutions and set new goals. Few we achieve few we miss, but everyone has goals towards ones own health. This is the time you should look at your lifestyle deeply and make changes. Why to wait till you start suffering? PREVENT it now. The way you...

6 Facts about Lifestyle Diseases

We are living longer, but with more diseases and pain. With the present lifestyle, people are vulnerable to various diseases, which make them dependent on medications. Even though there has been an excellent progress in the field of medicine, we still find thousands of them combating with various lifestyle disorders/diseases. Lifestyle diseases are the one...

Four Ayurveda Techniques to Manage Stress

If you are losing a good night sleep, losing your appetite, feeling cranky and frustrated even with small problems or if you are finding hard to focus, getting angry and losing your temper more often, constantly worried, then you are stressed. Stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response...

Obesity Treatment In Naturopathy

Ms.Shalini, who was overweight since adolescent years, gradually started putting on more weight with wrong eating habits, no physical activity and to an extent that she became so obese that it started affecting her health in many aspects. She started having irregular periods, developed joint pain and found difficulties to climb stairs. After trying many...

Pranayama for Vitality

What is a Pranayama? Pranayama comes from joining two words, Prana (Lifeforce) and Yama (to control). Bringing these two words together forms the word ‘Pranayama’ which means ‘to control the life force’. People often come up with misconceptions around Pranayama with the belief that only the popularized methods like Anuloma Viloma/Nadi Shodhana, Kapal Bhati, etc....

Ayurveda & Yoga

Your body and mind have gone through the stress of work, the monotony of household chores, the wear and tear because of disease, mental breakdowns, anxiety, pain..

Yoga in urban world

Importance of Yoga in urban world

Yoga, has a long list of benefits which the modern world has now started to recognize. But don’t get sold out by just looking at your perfectly shaped colleague..

Ayurveda & Yoga

Divine Bond of Ayurveda & Yoga

Healthy Life can be achieved with the sole combination of Ayurveda treatment and Yoga practice. Ayurveda & Yoga both originates from Veda, former from Atharva Veda..

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