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New year is the time when everyone makes health resolutions and set new goals. Few we achieve few we miss, but everyone has goals towards ones own health.

This is the time you should look at your lifestyle deeply and make changes. Why to wait till you start suffering? PREVENT it now.

The way you send your vehicle for servicing why can’t you do service for your body and mind (Detoxification & Rejuvenation) so that you can cease the future health sufferings. Body also needs Purification once in a while to get rid of lifestyle related diseases as a result of accumulated toxins in the body.

This is not the era of infectious diseases; it’s an era where everyone is suffering from bad lifestyle, wrong dieting, junk eating, and a tremendous amount of stress, lack of exercise. Diabetes, Obesity, Cardiac problems, Paralysis, Cancer, Joints disorders, Migraines, etc. are Lifestyle diseases that can be controlled just with lifestyle & diet modification.

A study at Colorado University USA demonstrated that classical Panchakarma treatment (Detoxification process) eliminated up to 50% of the detectable toxins in the blood. Most of today’s environmental toxins are Lipophils that accumulate in the fatty tissues of the body. These fat-soluble toxins are associated with a range of diseases such as hormone disruption, immune system suppression, allergies, diseases of the liver and skin, various types of cancer, neurological illness, reproductive disorders, and deformities.

Make your New Year resolution to lead a healthy & happy life. Everyone needs to follow the periodic yearly check-ups and detoxification & rejuvenation procedures on a regular basis in order to be healthy from 2019. Follow few of the simple techniques such as

  1. Start a brisk walk
  2. Start simple yoga postures
  3. Eating Healthy food
  4. Avoid Junk and packed food
  5. Get adequate sleep
  6. Meditate regularly
  7. Spend quality time with family
  8. Make good friends
  9. Help each other
  10. Thank the universe & God for blessing such a wonderful life

Living a healthy life is the best gift you can give to yourself as well as your loved one. Reprogram your life this New Year for a better health.

– Dr. Jay

Author & Wellness expert

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