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Year 2020 was ended and we look back to scrutinize all the events that made this year the way it is. Let’s begin 2021 with Health, happiness, accomplishment and self-growth through Wellness Sutra. When you look closer, you understand that whatever the events were, there was something constant in all of them and that is You. And be it any situation, if you were in your physical & mental best the situation would have taken a whole different course. The situation went way beyond your threshold hence you conclude that as a bad day. Instead if you were in a calm, stress free state of mind and energetic enough to take up any task then that is some accomplishment.

For this year let your priority be YOURSELF and how you take care your physical, mental, social and spiritual growth. Below are the 5 simple yet effective ways to kick start this year through wellness sutra.


According to Ayurveda, One of the three pillars of life is Food and thus emphasizes proper dietary habits. Diet means something actually about what you eat, how much you eat and most importantly HOW YOU EAT.

Good nutrition is eating the proper wholesome food, with the right beverage,  amount of food(Not excess), at the right time, and in the right frame of mind.

Eating right is an art which when practiced can make you the ruler of your health and well being with wellness sutra. There are few handpicked tips for quality, quantity and method of eating that  helps you to take the right diet.


Stress is a state of mental and physical pressure resulting in increased quantities of the chemicals cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline, which trigger a higher heart rate, and sweating:

Long term stress Weaken Immune System, cause Hypertension, Headaches, Depression, Heart Diseases, Gastrointestinal problems or  Accelerated aging.

Listening to Music, massages, Spend quality time with loved ones  and practice the art of letting go any frustration to stay calm.


Sleep related problem play a role in number of human disorders. Lack of sleep results in physiological effects like – Diabetes, effect on brain, growth, healing process, obesity, impairment of ability on work attention and memory.

Regularize sleep habits with A quite sleep environment for 6-8 hours. A glass of milk or Ayurveda Massages and Shirodhara therapies, Light soothing music or Aroma therapies helps to improve sleeplessness.


Our bodies are meant to move. Regular exercise is good for physical fitness and health.  If you don’t use your muscles, you lose it. The muscles become flabby and weak. Joints get stiff and easily injured. Lungs, heart, liver, intestine won’t work efficiently leading to many metabolic disorders and weight gain too. A short run or brisk walk for 30 minutes will take you a long way in keeping the energy level high and to stay fresh and vibrant throughout the day. Yoga is also a great option to look for as it not only helps in toning your body but also keeps your mind calm and focused. Gym, swimming, dancing, hiking or any other physical activities should be part of our routine.


If you would have observed when you are in a happy state of mind something in you expands and when stressed or when you feel a lack something shrinks within you. And that is none other than your inner consciousness. Practicing mindfulness and gratitude brings happiness and expands your consciousness. Every morning before getting out of bed, find a reason to be thankful for.

This year start a healthy morning routine that  will keep you going for the rest of the day.

Start your daily routine with a glass of warm water. Practices like oil pulling, jail nethi etc are great additions that can be planned for a morning routine.

FINALLY INVEST IN HEALTH  Understand your body needs and plan for a retreat to rejuvenate and replenish yourself. Undergoing a detoxification process once or twice a year helps in keeping all kind of lifestyle diseases at bay and also keeps you young and happy.

For this year let your priority be YOURSELF and how you take care your physical, mental, social and spiritual growth. Below are the 5 simple yet effective ways to kick start this year through wellness.

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