Ayurveda & Yoga
December 17, 20170

Divine Bond of Ayurveda & Yoga

Healthy Life can be achieved with the sole combination of Ayurveda treatment and Yoga practice. Ayurveda & Yoga both originates from Veda, former from Atharva Veda and latter from Yajur veda. Both these science take care of every single part of the body starting from rejuvenating the cells to building health to each organs.

Ayurveda is a science of life which has two faces of a coin, one to heal and other to maintain health. We should have mindset to maintain our health rather than neglecting, for which Ayurveda explains in the form of Daily and seasonal regimen through food and lifestyle. One who follows this will definitely build his immunity along with proper nutrition to the body and of course can get an attractive personality which helps to boost up our emotional levels. As spoken Ayurveda always has a other side of the coin to treat when there are ups and downs in our health, but here again having the mindset of going herbal and natural is most important to retain and build the immunity and also to avoid our kidneys and liver getting toxicities.

Yoga is practice of science which gives a physical strain to every muscle of our body. This practice build the muscle mass along with increasing elasticity of each muscle and frees the movements of the joints. From the very simple asana of Tadasana to a bit difficult of Mayurasana, every asana has its own benefits to the body. Yoga along with Pranayama and meditation gives relaxation to the tired body and mind. One can learn to balance his/her life by practising these and which will definitely lead to a healthy life.

As WHO explains the Health being “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity,” this can be definitely achieved through the divine bond of Ayurveda and Yoga which gives the physical and mental health and in turn these two will create a good social well being.

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