Healing Power of Colours
August 28, 20202


Healing Power of Colours

Colours therapy is one of the best methods for the treatment of diseases known as Chromotherapy. It is best used as a supportive therapy along with other natural methods of conserving health like correct diet, adequate rest and relaxation, exercise, yogic asanas, and so on.

According to practitioners of chromotherapy, the cause of any disease is often traced to the lack of specific colours in the human system. Colour therapy is a technique that restores imbalance by applying colored light to the body. In ancient times, it was a popular method of cure diseases. Some 2,500 years ago, Pythagoras applied color light therapeutically, and ‘color halls’ were used for healing in ancient Egypt, China, and India.

Sunlight plays an important role in the recovery from chronic diseases. The sun rays contain seven different colours i.e; rainbow colours – violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. These rainbow colours are natural colours which are highly beneficial to the maintenance of health and for healing diseases.

Chromotherapy Methods of Treatment

There are 2 methods of treating diseases by colour :

1. Externally: Application of light through coloured glasses

E.g. – Red UV light is used for joints pain

2. Internally: Coloured – charged water or Diet


The impact of colours on the body and their healing qualities are as follows:

Red :

It is a stimulating and energizing colour. It stimulates arterial blood and brings warmth to cool extremities. It can be considered a general tonic, which is very valuable in the treatment of diseases like low blood pressure, rheumatism, paralysis, & anemia

Diet in Red : Beets, radish, red cabbage, tomatoes, watercress, most red-skinned fruits, red berries and watermelon.

Orange :

Orange is useful for stimulating blood supply and energizing the nerves. It is beneficial in the treatment of kidney and gall stones, hernia and appendicitis. It  also helps to stimulate the milk producing action of breasts after childbirth.

Diet in Orange : Orange-skinned vegetables and fruits such as carrot, orange, apricot, mango, peach and papaya.

Violet :

Violet is used for treating nervous and emotional disturbances, arthritis, acute cases of consumption and insomnia.

Diet in Violet : Egg plant, berries, black carrot and purple grapes.

Yellow :

It is a stimulant to the brain, the liver and the spleen. It is also effective in the treatment of diabetes, indigestion, kidney and liver disorders, constipation, eye and throat infections and impotence.

Diet in Yellow : Lime and lemon, sweet lime, grapes, pumpkin, melon, banana, mango and guava.

Purple :

The combination of Purple or indigo gives the blood-warming red and the cooling antiseptic blue. It is an excellent stimulant without being an irritant. It is beneficial in the treatment of advanced stages of constipation, leucorrhoea, disorders of the stomach, cataract, migraine and skin disorders.

Diet in Purple : purple Cabbage, lettuce  leaves

Green :

Made up of the blue and yellow, green is regarded as a colour of harmony. It is a mild sedative. It is useful in the treatment of nervous conditions, ulcers, influenza, malaria, colds, sexual disorders and cancer. It preserves and strengthens eyesight. Being highly medicinal  it is of great help in the treatment of inflammatory conditions.

Diet in Green : Most of the green vegetables and fruits such as gourds, spinach, plantain, lettuce, pea, green mango, gooseberry, pears, beans, etc.

Blue :

Cool, soothing and sedative, blue relieves pain, reducing bleeding and heals burns. It is beneficial in the treatment of dysentery, colic, asthma, respiratory disorders, high blood pressure and skin aberrations.

Diet in Blue : Blue plum, blue beans, blue grapes, etc.

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pratibha s. singasane
pratibha s. singasane
3 years ago

good article.

Momoh Rachael Amina
Momoh Rachael Amina
2 years ago

A good lesson. I would like to have more of this lesson. Thank you.

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