Monsoon Retreat: Improve Your Health

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Improve Health With Monsoon Retreat Monsoon Retreat – The monsoon is the time of year when everything that has gathered over the summer must be cleansed out. When Nature chooses to cleanse the land with rain, there is a change in all around and Ayurveda recommends that dietary and lifestyle alterations should be made gradually…

Ways to battle against Allergies

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People with previous history of respiratory issues such as Asthma and COPD are prone to respiratory exacerbation's during rains. This would require treatment escalation to breathe better.  Here are some measures you can follow so that you too can enjoy the monsoon despite asthma. DIETARY CHANGES IN MONSOON Use of Garlic, Turmeric, Ginger, Black pepper...

5 Ways To Ease Your Pain This Monsoon

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Do you feel irritated by that nagging pain which gets worsened on monsoons? Blame it on your sedentary lifestyle, posture problems and stress. Ayurvedic experts feel that pain mainly occurs due to poor or unhealthy diet and bad posture. This in turn results in the lack of flexibility of the muscles and may cause further...

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