Ayurvedic Treatment for Avascular Necrosis (AVN): Types, Causes, and Solutions

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Introduction Avascular Necrosis of the Femur, commonly known as AVN, is a debilitating condition that affects the hip joint, causing severe pain and limited mobility. This condition occurs when there is a loss of blood supply to the head of the femur (thigh bone), leading to bone tissue death. While conventional treatments like surgery may...

Nandi Hills – Bangalore’s own hill station

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Nandi Hills, also known as Nandidurg or “Nandi Betta” is an ancient hill fortress situated in the Chikkabalapur district of Karnataka. Located near the town of Nandi, It is believed to be a place of origin for the Arkavathy River. Some breathtaking scenery, rare flora, cool fresh air and peace, make the hills the perfect…

Monsoon Retreat: Improve Your Health

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Improve Health With Monsoon Retreat Monsoon Retreat – The monsoon is the time of year when everything that has gathered over the summer must be cleansed out. When Nature chooses to cleanse the land with rain, there is a change in all around and Ayurveda recommends that dietary and lifestyle alterations should be made gradually…

5 Health Benefits of Ayurveda Retreat

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The retreat concept revolves around creating relaxed Optimum-health. India makes the Ayurveda retreats one of the world's most popular wellness destinations. All you have to do is check in, give up on wellness and walk out a rejuvenated person. These are the 5 health benefits of  Ayurveda retreats that will give your mind and body...

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