Living Pain-Free Life With Osteoarthritis

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  Living Pain-Free Life With Osteoarthritis Priya’s situation is similar to that of many people who suffer from knee osteoarthritis. She had been an active, healthy, professional lady for the majority of her life until she began to have knee joint pain in her fifties. The pain was first manageable with home remedies and pain…

7 Ways to Improve Gut Bacteria

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It’s a gut feeling! – Improve your Gut Bacteria  Innumerable microorganisms colonize the human gastrointestinal tract playing a vital role concerning digestion and absorption of dietary components. They shape and regulate the immune system and metabolic responses. The gut microbiota consists of both, good and bad bacteria. Good gut bacteria are protective in function, they…

Why Detox a big must this monsoon?

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It is that time of the year when all that gets accumulated during summer needs to be flushed out.  When Nature chooses her way to cleanse the earth, humans have the benefit of Ayurveda treatment to detox! Let us see why and how! The constant showers, pleasant weather and a rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatment – there’s...

5 Ancient Detox Methods For Optimal Health

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Detoxification is a concept that has become important when talking about general health and Wellness. A proper detoxification regimen helps to boost that healing process. The environment we are living in with fast food & stressful life, we invariably end up in many minor and major lifestyle diseases. To prevent these lifestyle diseases Ayurveda always...

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